Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Putus sudah....

Adalah bodoh untuk menangisi sesuatu yang x significant dalam hidup....so saya tidak akan menangis...

Saya cuma nak mengumumkan yang saya BUKAN LAGI seorang penyokong Kelab Bolasepak Arsenal F.C. Keputusan untuk menarik diri dari menjadi penyokong Arsenal F.C telah dibuat atas dasar kekecewaan saya setelah AKSI MEMALUKAN tewas kepada Newcastle United di EMIRATES STADIUM dalam perlawanan Liga Perdana Inggeris baru-baru ini.

Daripada saya terus dikecewakan oleh pasukan Arsenal F.C, adalah lebih baik saya menarik diri dari menjadi penyokong kelab Arsenal F.C dan menumpukan perhatian bagi menyokong pasukan bolasepak kebangsaan JERMAN yang saya rasakan lebih berpeluang untuk merangkul kejuaraan.

Keputusan ini dibuat juga setelah 'tali-tali' harapan saya sudah putus semuanya diatas kegagalan demi kegagalan kelab tersebut untuk meraih sebarang kejayaan didalam pertandingan yang disertai semenjak 6 tahun yang lepas.

Saya juga ingin merakam jutaan terima kasih kepada Arsene Wenger diatas usaha beliau selama menjadi Pengurus Pasukan Arsenal F.C tapi ingin menyatakan juga bahawa saya sudah HILANG KEPRCAYAAN terhadap keupayaan beliau untuk terus membimbing pasukan Arsenal F.C menuju kejayaan.

Ini diatas kegagalan beliau untuk memperbaiki kelemahan kelemahan utama pasukan Arsenal F.C terutamanya bahagian pertahanan yang seolah2 'baru' bermain bolasepak dan melakukan kesalahan kesalahan 'budak sekolah' seperti gol yang dijaringkan Newcastle United pada perlawanan baru-baru ini. Pada pendapat saya, beliau juga telah gagal untuk mendidik pemain pemain Arsenal F.C untuk bertahan sebagai sebuah pasukan.

Dengan penarikan diri saya ini, maka dengan serta merta saya akan mula menurunkan aksesori2 yang berkaitan dengan Arsenal F.C dari dalam kereta saya.

Man U 1992-1998
Arsenal 1999-2010
Germany 1996 - Present

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Diary.....

I just want to say, I'm damn tired. All day long struggling to finish just 1 report, but 10 copies of it.I found a shirt that I really liked at Campbell Complex. It reads "find me on FACEBOOK", Mwahahaha!! But the shop looks like a dealers shop, full of packaging and boxes.

N e way I dared not ask the shop if they are only dealing or they selling the shirts, so I do the next best thing that I could think of, find the shirt at Downtown K.L. The price tag says RM19, I got it for RM17, but I'm sure if I tawar a bit, I could get for at least RM15.

I put on a jeans that fits easily when I was working in Sg. Siput, now barely into my third week at K.L, I had to hold my breath when trying to put on the jeans, I'm getting plump at the stomach area.

I've changed my tyres, and it feels softer than the old set. The car does not tend to shudder when it hit any potholes, and relieved me of any back ache as the result but the 31 PSI tyre pressure still makes it the ride a bit bumpy.

On my way back from Shah Alam to K.L, on the day that I changed my tyre, my balancing and alignment was so out, that at 110km/h, the steering starts to vibrate, and I found myself 'wrestling' with the steering to keep the car straight. At one point after the Batu 3 toll on a particularly straight stretch of the road, the car suddendly veered to the left eventhough I kept my hand and the steering straight.

Apparently, I haven't any time to realign and re-balance my tyres properly. So the car became unstable. Plus I was doing 110km/h on an 80km/h stretch. I was really lucky not to have veered to the right and hit the road divider.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mouthful marinara

Yesterday I ate Subway's Meatball Marinara. What a mouthful. I finished doing the draft of Kota Bharu Airport. Honestly I didn't feel that I would be long in KB. Just hope that something good comes by before the end of next year (hopefully a job in government). Hahahahahahaha

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I purposely left the title blank, b'cuz I don't know what would best represent the ramblings that I'll write today...I've always write first and think about titles later.

Just now when I was about to leave Tesco Extra Cheras and head to Jusco Maluri, I was stopped by 3 people in a car. I though they were stopping me because they want to enter the parking space next to me but apparently they're trying to sell me car immobilizers.

I don't know if I look interested to their products, but they would just not stop talking, and try to convince me to buy the immobilizer and install on the dot. Well is not exactly cheap at close to RM2k, but at an offer price I can pay by installment too.... and I am interested to install an immobilizer, just that their insistence that I do it tonight "While Stock Lasts" annoyed me, and their style of selling remind me of Do Re Mi's "jual berus gigi paksa".

I admit that I cannot afford RM2k in lump sump right away, but I don't like it when people insist that I get things "While Stock Lasts/ While on sale/while on offer/while it's still cheap". I get things when I'm ready and want to get things. Even if 6 month down, the price has swollen to RM2.5k, I would still get it if want to.

On a different note I've renewed my Insurance and my roadtax, about RM1.3k in total, still got another RM1k to spend on my car. Anyone's up for a new spoiler? No thanks, I like to keep my car running, not head turning. The designers must've been having nightmares about all the modified 'Ah Beng' Myvi's on the road today.

I got nothing against those who modified their cars for satisfaction and I believe our constitution protect the rights of freedom of all M'sian, but 'being different' does not satisfy me, I rather 'fly low under the radar'. I think I'll put a fresh set of rubber on my car, the current Silverstone Power Blitz is so damn hard, my back aches when I hit pothole(s).

I did my first FULL progress report today, introduction, scope of work, clients detail. Tomorrow I'll edit the machinery's list, workforce and physical and finacial S-Curve. Spent my whole day doing that, hope that I did okay, nothing less then 'passing with flying colours' would satisfy me.

Recently I have weird craving for an Ipod Nano. Why? because it can shoot videos (the 5th generation ones) . I want one!! But can afford it rite now, and my birthday is still a long way to go.....Huhuhu.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The story so far....

Lets be honest now, everybody knows that I've work with MMC-Gamuda JV, and the fact that I've resigned? Not many knows. Now I want to tell the official story. I've work as a Planning Exec for the Northern double track project, and as much as I enjoy working 8-5 and inside an air-conditioned office, I'm just not cut for the job. I do not have much experience thus honestly I made too many mistakes. Some people might be okay with that, but I'm not. I felt a bit useless.....

So I've been contemplating a resignation since late last year, my girlfriend knows it, I discussed it with her and my parents knew maybe on February this year. My superior was absolutely shocked when I tendered my resignation but kept his calm. My next partition neighbour already suspects that I was gonna resign, but didn't know for sure.

Since I tendered my resignation on 31st of March 2010, I've been to 3 interviews and a SPA written test. My first interview was at Bob's company, which was keen on hiring me (let's just say the interview went well), but required me to work with them as soon as possible, I was not ready to give a short resignation notice, so I have to reject the offer.

Then I went to the SPA written test on the 10th of April 2010 WITHOUT bringing any copy of my certificate. I was sure I'm gonna fail, but I've pass, and they're calling me for the physical examination at INTAN Wilayah Selatan in Kluang, Johor on this 11th of July 2010. But as things stand, I'm set to miss the physical examination.

Then on my penultimate day(28th of May 2010) at MMC- Gamuda JV, I received a call asking me if I'm interested to work as a Road and Bridge Engineer for DPI Konsult. They said they found my resume in jobstreet.com, and asked whether I'm still working with MMC-Gamuda JV. They asked me to attend an interview on the 31st of May 2010. I attended the interview and again was successful (lucky me) and they want me to start A.S.A.P (the next day is June 1st) but I've asked for a weeks notice, since I don't want to rush in making my decision. The job was good but the remunerations was below what I expected. Not that I'm demanding much, but I made the calculations and found out that the salary they offered is inadequate to support my monthly requirements, so I politely rejected.

Last Friday (18th of June 2010) , my mom asked for my resume to forward to TRC at about 9am. An hour later I received a call for me to attend an interview at 5pm the same day. I asked is it really necessary for me to attend at such a short notice, and asked whether I could reschedule? Nope, their boss wants to interview me today. I was caught with my pants down. My first reaction is to dicth the interview, but since it's my mothers name on the line, I decided to attend anyway. I could not even study about the company. I went there expecting NOT to succeed. To my surprise, I DID NOT have to answer a single question. I'm merely a listener as the Managing Director explained about the nature of the job, etcetera. Then they asked the 'million dollar' question " Do you except the offer?" to which I spontaneously answer without even thinking "Yes". Then I like " WTF? Did I just answer yes?". OMG, I've drop the bomb on myself. Stupid me!!

The official job title is QAQC Engineer, but it also involves Progress Reporting (a.k.a Site Planning) works. Looks like I just can't run away from this planning thingy is it? The best part is, on the 1st of July 2010 I am required to go to Kota Bharu Kelantan, and my sisters wedding is on the 3rd of July.....Bye bye 'SPA physical examination', Hello 'cik mek molek'!! The project is runway extension for Kota Bharu Aiport........I can't think of anything else to write....It ends here.......

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And so the whistle blows.......

I wished I had bought a ticket to South Africa and watch all the matches live. But watching in HD is as good as it gets.

N e way, the latest result as of 2am M'sian time:

South Africa 1 - 1 Mexico

Siphiwe Tshabalala 55' 79' Rafael Marquez

To be honest I didn't felt like watching them play but I've managed to urge myself not to miss it. However, I only managed to catch the 2nd half.

IMHO, in the 2nd half Mexico looks lacklusture; their tempo is slow (maybe that's how they usually play) compared to the faster and more fluid South African. Mexico's passing is not accurate/got easily cut-off by S.A. Mexico's defenders are easily outpaced by the S.A forwards and their keeper reminds me of Fabian Barthez:~ bald and eccentric. C. Blanco (the first name is quite difficult to spell) who replaced Carlos Vela looks tired and uncapable of high tempoed football game, but he does have accurate delivery into the box. Mexico controlled the possession, but unable to capitalise with it until that error from S.A's defender that allowed 3 Mexico player to be onside.

Credit to the S.A team though, they defended well (until that fateful error that resulted into the Mexican goal), keep a straight line and really hustled the Mexican player. They pushed the Mexicans on the counter-attack and show some really fluid attacking movements thanks to Steven Pienaar. Their goal is an unstopable drive to the top left corner of Perez's goal. But Mphela's lack of calmness cost them dearly as they missed a golden opportunity to score the winning goal about 5' from time.


Courtesy of premierleague.com

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Looking forward

Since my last post, I've seen alot happening around me. A friend of my got an offer to continue studying. Another one says that "This Ramadhan would probably be my last Ramadhan as a single" which means....well you know. He/she is getting married and I wish all the best for him/her.

Which got me thinking, what have I done since I resigned? A lot of things have changed around me, my house is practically different from the one that I returned to on the 30th of May. From the wood floors to the steel door, time does fly by fast. As per my previous post, I've resigned. I've attended an interview, they offered me a position that I'm interested in, I got a reasonable wage offer, but they require me to commit at least 5 years to the job. Not that I don't want to, but as things stand, at most I'll have 2-6 months before SPA will call me for my 2nd interview.

Looking forward to that, I've decided to decline the previous job offer so my official status as of now is 'Unemployed'. But good things are coming, I know it does because everywhere people are talking about it. The WORLD CUP is finally here. At least I get to watch the WC without having to worry about getting up late for work. Mwahahahahahaha. I think I'll make a habit. I'll request a 4 year contract that coincides with the WC so that when its WC season I'll be unemployed for a month and thus can watch it 'no problemo'.

Anyways,I'm currently job hunting. I've applied a few, and still applying a few more. Just hope by the end of WC season, I'll will not be 'unemployed' anymore. Huhuhuhu. Wish me luck.